This is a repository of stuff I have written and plunked down in various places across the interwebs. Please excuse the format if it appears a bit haphazard; like most of us who have been writing in the digital space from the beginning of digital space time, I am a million pieces in a thousand places. I am downsizing, minimizing and consolidating. I promise, I am straightening up this whole mess.

Thank you for your patience with me. If you feel like you have read something on here that you have read before, you probably have. I am not disturbing any of that as I pull all of it together here. I am not plagiarizing myself.

I am a humor essayist disguised as a writer. I have written several essay collections, some technical manuals, newspaper articles, way more tweets than is healthy and more than my fair share of letters. While much of my work is considered by many to be humorous, I am not above writing some very sobering stuff, like my 100 Letters to Hillary about health care in America.

As of the publication of my third book, Dear Hillary, I am confirmed alive.

I sorta live at Medium these days. And Substack.

If you want to buy my book(s), go here.

If you are looking for my CV or résumé, both of these things are in the main menu at the top of this site. Socials, @gerardmclean pretty much everywhere.

Please excuse the ads and the default design. I already pay far too many subscription fees and that is one of the problems I am trying to solve. Eventually, maybe, I’ll pay WordPress for an upgrade.