These books were written by Gerard McLean. You should buy them.

Monkey with a loaded typewriter: Mostly true essays

A collection of essays make for a great “carry-everywhere” book where you only have a short time to read and need to complete that story in a single read… like the bathroom, jury duty, waiting on a friend, waiting for a flight or riding the subway. Reading the print version also tells people “I am smart, I read books, I’m not self-absorbed.” But you can also buy a copy for your kindle.

Dear Hillary: 100 Letters about health care

On July 28, 2016, Hillary Clinton stood on a stage in Philadelphia to accept the nomination as the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States of America. In her acceptance speech, she said that she would work for Universal Care. MSNBC reported then that there were 100 days between the nomination and the election. Hillary didn’t win the election; the lessons need to be learned. These 100 letters are a reminder of what that promise meant.

The Game Through Glass: Playing your youth sports tournament on social media

The comprehensive social media guide for sports tournaments will get you up and running from simple score updating on Twitter to a full-blown live-casting and integrated advertising campaign.