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@gerardmclean everywhere
Location: Dayton, OH & Kingston, NY
I’m relocatable, mobile and remote.
If you are looking for my latest resume, here it is.

Major Accomplishments:

  • Wrote and published a book, Dear Hillary: 100 Letters about health care.
  • Wrote and published the definitive guide (c. 2015 anyway) for incorporating social media into youth sporting events; The Game Through Glass.
  • Published a book, Monkey with a loaded typewriter, Mostly true essays An essay from the book was featured on the Medium home page under the Potterhead tab on Oct 28, 2016.
  • Created, grew and maintained reader-engaging character-based social media accounts (@dogwalkblog as an example. Many of these are anonymous, but details can be released to legitimate parties.)
  • Created an integrated Web-based work-flow system for event management including marketing, registration, sponsor ad sales and tracking, application management, hotel booking, travel and entertainment management and branded product sales. Currently being implemented in youth soccer tournaments, Special Olympics Games in softball and basketball.
  • Successful implementation of a materials design and production workflow for a Newspapers In Education department.
  • Designed and delivered two workshops (2002, 2003) for the US Youth Soccer Association on Integrating Tournament Operations and the Internet.
  • Designed and developed the Theraquine brand and product for ELA
  • Designed and executed the marketing position and brand identity for the StimMaster for ELA. Secured the endorsement by Christopher Reeve for the StimMaster.
  • Created and implemented a comprehensive HR program for Spar Marketing.
  • Developed and implemented an IVR solution for collecting daily data from 5,000+ field reps for Spar Marketing
  • Created and implemented an inter and intranet solution for NARMS to include a revenue-generating job board and search.
  • Created and implemented a comprehensive, university-type training program for Huffy Service First.
  • Designed and implemented a week-long leadership seminar for all internal managers at Huffy Service First.
  • Established and currently operating Rivershark, Inc.
  • Established as a thought leader and speaker within the retail merchandising industry. Designed and deliver two seminars per year at the semi-annual educational conferences hosted by NARMS.
  • I made Lizz Winstead LOL on Twitter once.
  • I’ve been captured by the Google car for street view.

General Skills:

  • Fluent in all aspects of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, WeChat, GooglePlus, Reddit, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Reader engagement and conversation-based traffic building using social media channels.
  • Identify viral and potentially viral memes quickly from media streams and sources.
  • General business management, including P/L responsibility, all aspects of staffing including employee selection, training, career development and corrective action, setting and executing corporate objectives from a mission statement to strategic implementation, staff leadership and task management.
  • Project management with linear as well as multi-priority projects
  • Brand development and promotion
  • Product/service design and development
  • Marketing research and strategic entry
  • Multimedia project development
  • Website design, implementation and maintenance
  • Proposal preparation and delivery to internal and external clients
  • Public speaking, i.e., seminar and speech delivery to large and small groups
  • All aspects of Human Resources including designing and implementing systems for training and development, compensation, employee entry and separation, benefits and HR database management.

Technical Skills:

  • Video and audio creation and editing.
  • Website design and development.
  • Graphic design from creative concept to file construction
  • Newspaper page design, instructional design, multimedia production Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Adobe CC, QuarkXPress.
  • CGI programming using Perl 5.0 and PHP
  • HTML
  • Database design (MySQL, Filemaker, MS Access)
  • Hardware and software configuration on Wintel and Mac platforms

Speaking History (highlights)
2015 SXSW Inanimate Character Redefine Authenticity
2012 NARMS Social Media in Retail Services
2011 NARMS Member Services Online
2002/04 US Youth Soccer Websites for soccer tournaments
2000 Newspapers in Education for Teachers
1996 NARMS Why websites are necessary in retail services

Employment History:
11/95-Present Rivershark Inc. Englewood OH, President/CEO
7/98-3/02 Dayton Daily News, NIE, Dayton, OH Marketing
2/96-7/98 Electrologic of America, Inc, Dayton, OH, Marketing
7/94-11/95 Spar Marketing, Minneapolis, MN, Vice-President HR
5/87-7/94 Huffy Service First, Dayton, OH, Manager, Training and Development
2/82-5/87 Target Stores, St. Paul, MN, Team Specialist

BA, English, University of Minnesota
Certificate, Social Media for Journalists (MOOC)

Web Site Portfolio (partial):
Rivershark Inc
Soccer Tournament Sites
NARMS International

My skills and attributes can be summed up into one experience: I used to sell exercise bikes to paralyzed people. I was very good at it.

Just Google me; you’ll find everything you’ll need.